Qtum Crowdsale Update - Timeline

We are so excited to announce that Qtum crowdsale will start at 12PM GMT, March 16th 2017 and end at 12PM GMT, April 15th 2017 (30 days). Both BTC and ETH will be accepted. Other terms and details including pricing and discounts will be announced on March 9th.

In addition, due to the legal compliance consideration*, we have decided that Qtum crowdsale will be available on the following exchanges. Please note the list of exchanges is not final, we may modify it before Qtum Crowdsale start date.

  1. Bizhongchou (
  2. Yunbi (
  3. ICOAGE (
  4. Allcoin (
  5. ICO365 (
  6. BTC9 (

*In order to fully comply with Singapore’s anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing laws and regulations, the Qtum Foundation will practice ‘know your customer’ exercise in the Qtum crowdsale. Hence, we decide not to use Qtum official crowdsale website although it is ready to launch.