Qtum Chain Foundation launched the Qtum Blockchain mainnet in September 2017. It was the industry's first smart contract platform based on the same UTXO model as Bitcoin. After 3 years of technical iteration, Qtum has gradually developed a variety of unique technical and ecosystem characteristics, which are very suitable for building DeFi projects.

To encourage more developers to transplant and develop DeFi applications on Qtum blockchain, the Qtum Chain Foundation officially launched a million-dollar DeFi Incentive Program. The total award amount of this incentive plan is 1 million US dollars (with up to $5 million US dollars, depending on community support and projects permitting).

Total Award Amount


Familiar with Solidity smart contract development.

Understand the operating principle and technical characteristics of Qtum blockchain.

Possess unique knowledge and insights on DeFi applications and the ability to build and deploy them on Qtum blockchain.

Application Process

The application can also be sent via email [email protected]

Qtum Chain Foundation will complete the project review within 7 working days and notify the project leader by email.

Rules & Instructions

Payment Terms

payment in USD equivalent of QTUM tokens

Phase 1

Project Acceptance

25% of total team rewards

Phase 2

Operational deployment on Qtum testnet (testnet QTUM are available for testing, from the faucet or Qtum Test Team)

25% of total team rewards

Phase 3

Final project operational deployment on Qtum mainnet and full documentation

50% of total team rewards

Code Eligibility


Original developers and team members may repurpose their Solidity smart contracts and DApp front end and back end.


Teams may not submit other’s code.


Full documentation requires a public GitHub repository with full build instructions.


Qtum sincerely hopes that more developers will join and develop DeFi projects on Qtum, and create more and better DeFi applications with long-term value.