July Community & Development Updates

•2021-08-06 13:08

An update for July on community and development activities.

June Community & Development Updates

•2021-08-06 11:47

An update for June on development and community activities, and celebrating 1 million blocks on mainnet!

May Community & Development Updates

•2021-06-16 17:14

May updates including VC Group, Qtum Core v0.20.3 release, Stake-A-Thon, and Theta TV AMA.

Qtum 2021 Roadmap Explanation

•2021-04-23 23:22

A description of the main projects and tasks for Qtum's 2021 roadmap - 1st and 2nd quarter - and a preview of the 2nd half of 2021.

March Community & Development Updates

•2021-04-08 15:42

March updates on the manditory update for Qtum Core FastLane v0.20.2 which will implement 32-second blocks, plus updates on the Stake-A-Thon, some choice tweets, new version Qtum Electrum v4.0.13 with hardwallet restoration, and more.

February Community & Development Updates

•2021-04-08 15:26

Happy New Year! The year of the iron ox. This February update covers the Qtum 2021 biannual roadmap, ecosystem grants, Blockpass and AtomicDEX, Wrapped QTUM on gate.io, and the ChangeHero interview with Jordan Earls.

January Community & Development Updates

•2021-04-08 15:19

Community & development updates for January: QiSwap, Neutron, Gate.io, Bitbank, and technical updates.

November Updates: The Road to DeFi

•2020-12-01 09:09

As we witnessed one of the most exciting months in crypto history with Bitcoin breaking the all-time high, the Qtum development team is proud and works hard to be one of the only (if not only) blockchains that are currently up-to-date with Bitcoin’s latest release of version 0.20.1. Improvements and...

October Updates & Qtum v0.20.1 Release

•2020-11-01 12:00

Qtum Core Mainnet Ignition v0.20.1

The most momentous update for Qtum in October, hands down, was the upgrade to Qtum Core v0.20.1. The latest version of Qtum brings new staking features to the blockchain fine-tuned for the Offline Staking community, numerous GUI improvements, and a plethora of up...

September Updates

•2020-10-01 10:33

The month of September continued with Qtum’s Stake-A-Thon and the Qtum DeFi Grant Program! If you haven’t heard about the DeFi grant program, Qtum has put up to 5 million dollars for the development of DeFi projects on the Qtum blockchain, and we’ve received a nice array of applications already. So,...