Qtum Hackathon Winners Interview I: How does Qtum make it easier to join the blockchain development

•2018-11-09 15:30

The Qtum Hackathon has concluded! In just over two months, hundreds of developers and fledging entrepreneurs collaborated together to build the next best thing on Qtum. From mountains of Chile to the islands of the Philippines, over 1,000 people registered from over 75 countries making the event truly global. Here we took an interview with the winner , Let's listen to what they say.

Allow Free UTXO Creation in Qtum - by Earls

•2018-10-25 16:09

So there is one big thing that is annoying about UTXOs. Namely, that in order to do anything you first need your very own UTXO. They’re easy to get, and come in any size you want above 0… but you can’t make them out of thin air if you don’t already own one. Getting one involves you being friendly either with a staker who can create you one for free in the coinstake transaction, or having someone else pay the network fees and be willing to give you a few satoshi.

Qtum is Funding Formal Verification Research at Columbia University

•2018-10-23 15:59

In an already depressed market in the summer of 2016, the DAO seemed like the beacon of hope that the blockchain community needed. A decentralized fund made sense for all those striving to decentralize finance. It was a logical step, and some of the industry all-stars were behind it. The hype was immense, the FOMO ensued, and anyone who said it wasn’t going to work was brushed off to the sidelines.

QTUM Announces a Historic Partnership with Amazon Web Services

•2018-10-18 15:35

QTUM has announced a ground-breaking partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Together, QTUM and AWS will be working toward expanding blockchain service offerings in a move towards establishing Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) through AWS. These services will be focused primarily on creating the bases for enterprise-grade solutions, an identified need within the BaaS model of AWS enterprise customers.