Qtum's Co-founder, Patrick Dai, Spoke at the Forbes Asia Forum

•2018-12-11 15:42

Singapore local time on December 4, 2018 Forbes Asia Forum: Decrypting Blockchain for Business conclude smoothly in Singapore, for industry to make outstanding contributions in the blockchain, in 2017, selected by Forbes China under 30 outstanding youth Qtum quantum chain founder ShuaiChu invited as guest, and the scene of the industry pioneer, business leaders to discuss the blockchain industry opportunities and challenges.

Weekly Report (December 3-9)

•2018-12-10 17:06

Qtum Core

  • Working on resource monitoring tool;
  • Continue testing Qtumcore v0.17;

Qtum x86 Virtual Machine

  • Change format for deltadb key prefixes;
  • Increase address size to 64 for segwit;
  • New stories added:
    • Extend searchlogs to support x86 contracts:https://github.com/qtumproject/x86-stori...

Qtum CN CTO was Interviewed by CCN: No matter Security or UT – Our Tech is Ready

•2018-12-07 17:26

Recently, Qtum's Chinese lead developer Wenbin Zhong was interviewed by CCN(China Crypto News) and talked about the current progress of Qtum's technology and future technical directions.

Qtum at 2018 International Blockchain Conference

•2018-12-05 17:22

The 2018 International Blockchain Conference was held in Changsha on November 28 With the theme of "Brainstorm Innovation Empowerment", the conference discussed the future of Blockchain technology and its application in the industry. Zheng Yi, the core developer of Qtum represents Qtum disscussed about how does Qtum deploy Blockchain Technology within the actual need of enterprise customers.

Weekly Report (November 26 - December 02)

•2018-12-03 17:15

This article reviews the development updates for the last week, including project dynamics, recent news & our technological development progress

  1. The Chinese name collection of QtumX-Unita has come to a successful conclusion
  2. Qtum at TechCrunch Shenzhen
  3. QTUM Mainnet report in Nov
  4. Ambassador Program launched
  5. Strategic Cooperation with UC Berkeley
  6. Development Updates

Cooperation with UC Berkeley, two papers published in Cryptology ePrint Archive

•2018-11-30 17:05

Recently, Qtum foundation has finished the periodic technology exploration experiment with UC Berkeley and two papers published in Cryptology ePrint Archive 1.Enabling Decentralized Private Computation 2.Transparent Succinct Arguments for R1CS

Qtum Launches Ambassadors Recruitment Program

•2018-11-29 16:59

It’s with great honor the Qtum Foundation is announcing the official Qtum Ambassador Program. The primary objective of this program is to raise awareness and expand Qtum’s offline communities. The Qtum Foundation aims to empower the grassroots efforts by democratizing in-person activities, effectively giving power to users of the platform.

Mainnet Report for November

•2018-11-28 16:43
  1. Unique Reward Addresses
  2. Daily confirmed transactions
  3. Block interval
  4. Address growth
  5. Network weight

Qtum at 2018 Shenzhen TechCrunch

•2018-11-28 16:37

Qtum's Founder Patrick Dai was invited to make a speach about how bear markets force innovation when the current technology doesn’t live up to its potential. He suggested for people in the industry to go back to do the research and work hard to break the current barriers. Patrick expressed that the current conditions are natural and that this will make the ecosystem more resilient down the line.

Weekly Report (November 19-25)

•2018-11-26 16:48

This article reviews the development updates for the last week, including project dynamics, recent news & our technological development progress

  1. x86 SimpleABI protocol and abigen tool
  2. Qtum was invited to attend the 24th TCFA Annual conference
  3. Qtum's core developer Zheng Yi interviewed by 31 Qu
  4. Qtum published an article about the enterprise-class solutions on the market
  5. Development Updates