Development Updates (April 27 - May 11)

2020-05-11 10:36

Qtum Core

Qtum core updates normally consist of Qtum Improvement Proposals. These QIPs are generated by both our developers and the community and in some cases requests from enterprise users. Our developers evaluate the impact of each QIP and work on high priority QIPs. All bug fixes and feature enhancements that have been issued to the core project will be listed here.

Over 63 commits related to Offline Staking pushed.

  • fd848cf Add super staker item widget
  • 0b65d16 Add super staker list widget
  • 7c2f8b2 Add gui option for super staking parameter
  • 127ad16 Add add super staker page
  • 23428c8 Add super staker configuration dialog
  • 476b31f Add super staker page
  • 60a6c13 Add super staker page to navbar
  • 13d9f96 Merge master into superstaker-gui
  • 6f971bc Update super staker list css
  • 14f13bc Add dialog to get delegations for super staker
  • c2d8c84 Add super staker item model
  • 56f9ab5 Add super staker entry
  • fb3a52d Merge offlinestake into superstaker-gui
  • 4ca4101 Update the enable super staking option
  • ecb7b10 Add remove super staker
  • 45a4d04 Connect get delegations dialog
  • b7220ab Check is super staking is enabled
  • 7b6fba9 Add staker delegation view
  • 45eacf0 Nodify for delegations changed
  • e355380 Add delegations staker item model
  • c55f90a Update super staker config dialog
  • 5f3b934 Add header data to delegation staker model
  • 8cb8ca9 Update delegation staker model and view
  • e6dfcaa Add weight to the delegations staker model
  • a59afee Format delegations staker view fee
  • 53d718b Add amount column in staker delegation view
  • e7af6a7 Select staker in delegation and config forms
  • 05331af Update validated text edit to remove duplicates
  • c224e6c Merge offlinestake into superstaker-gui
  • 2ef1ceb Format fee and weight for DelegationStaker
  • c15e940 Format fee for super staker and delegation
  • 744561b Add method to get the super staker weight
  • ec8b342 Merge offlinestake into superstaker-gui
  • 3bd65e8 Merge offlinestake into superstaker-gui
  • beced88 Update super staker info struct
  • 1c7121e Add split utxo page
  • 4d21a60 Move super staker min fee to the config
  • d599fa4 Get super staker recommended config
  • 85227d8 Add staker name in add delegation page and add super staker page
  • 73270de Merge master superstaker-gui
  • 259912d Merge offlinestake into superstaker-gui
  • 3dba38a Update super staker config dialog
  • 1a22126 Display staker name for super staker
  • 3dea4ad Add split coins for address to super staker and delegation page
  • 1bb5df3 Add copy name in super staker page
  • 4a8424c Add copy staker name in delegation page
  • d9778a1 Add balance and stake information into delegations and super stakers list
  • 7ee6663 Update split utxo page
  • 580227d Add suport for custom configuration for super staker
  • 9df8e15 Update super staker config dialog
  • 19d8af6 Update staker and delegation widget
  • 69c42c8 Get address balance and stake for delegation and superstaker
  • eefc3be Check if super staker exist before adding
  • 4f1812c Add clear all in super staker configuration
  • 2a30801 Update of get staker address balance
  • d4b50e7 Check the balance when set the staking icon for delegation
  • fdd2d84 Include the blocks with pod only for getting stake for super staker, for the GUI list
  • 4884c4f Add weight to superstaker and delegation model
  • ccf2f27 Update delegation weight computation
  • e77bbf0 Merge pull request #830 from qtumproject/time/superstaker-gui
  • 07aa763 Fix delegations staker header name
  • 74842c4 Include configure icon
  • 209cac0 Merge pull request #831 from qtumproject/time/offlinestake-gitian-fix

Qtum Neutron & x86 Virtual Machine

Qtum Neutron is the infrastructure to support new virtual machines and the first will be the x86 virtual machine allowing smart contract development in C, Rust and other languages. The EVM will continue, but the x86 VM will allow easy creation of smart contracts using safe, well-known, mature languages and tools, and also provide a new state memory model using DeltaDB.

Lightning Network

  • No update for this week

Qtum SDK

QtumJ is BitcoinJ ported to the Qtum blockchain protocol. The BitcoinJ library is a Java implementation of the Bitcoin protocol, which allows it to maintain a wallet and send/receive transactions without needing a local copy of Bitcoin Core. It comes with full documentation and some example apps showing how to use it.

Qtum Explorer & Wallets

The Qtum Explorer is our blockchain explorer that is used for viewing transaction details on the Qtum blockchain. The primary blockchain explorer site is qtum.info. We frequently release updates to both explorer and the web wallet sites. Additionally, you’ll find information regarding the official Qtum Electrum wallet and support/feature updates to hardware wallets or other interesting services/products

Qtum.info Explorer

Qtum.Info, as the official blockchain browser of Qtum, mainly provides information such as network status, transaction records, data indicators of blockchain and visual charts. Qtum users, exchanges, wallets, mining pools, and other commonly used data service tools.

  • No update for this period

Electrum Wallet

Mobile Wallet

  • No update for this period
  • Download:
  • Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.qtum.newwallet
  • Official website: https://qtumeco.io/wallet

Web Wallet

  • No update for this period

Qtum Testing

  • No update for this period


  • No update for this period