Development Updates (December 02 -08)

2019-12-09 12:54

Qtum Core

Qtum core updates normally consist of Qtum Improvement Proposals. These QIPs are generated by both our developers and the community and in some cases requests from enterprise users. Our developers evaluate the impact of each QIP and work on high priority QIPs. All bug fixes and feature enhancements that have been issued to the core project will be listed here.

Qtum v0.18.2 Released

v0.18.2 – Recommended Update: New GUI, New features, Security improvements and Bug fixes. https://github.com/qtumproject/qtum/releases/tag/mainnet-ignition-v0.18.2

  • New GUI implemented with two new themes added (light and dark blue).
  • Add signrawsendertransactionwithwallet and signrawsendertransactionwithkey rpc calls to support OP_SENDER raw transactions signing.
  • Add a new process to clean BlockIndex entries older than the last moving checkpoint.
  • Add outputIndex to transaction receipts (requires to reindex once to update the old log entries).
  • Add -showevmlogs option to show/hide evm logs in the console.
  • Reduce the max needed glibc version to 2.11 (fix build on CentOS 7).
  • Fix build on OS X Catalina.
  • Fix out-of-source build.
  • Fix gitian build.
  • Unbreak build with Boost 1.72
  • Update Mac OS README.
  • Update blockchain data.
  • Add recent checkpoints.

Qtum x86 Virtual Machine

The Qtum X86 Virtual Machine is a smart contract operating software that is designed to enable easily deployable decentralized applications. Currently, you can write smart contracts in C, there will be additional languages as we proceed with x86 development.

Lightning Network

  • No update for this week

Qtum Explorer & Wallets

The Qtum Explorer is our blockchain explorer that is used for viewing transaction details on the Qtum blockchain. The primary blockchain explorer site is qtum.info. We frequently release updates to both explorer and the web wallet sites. Additionally, you’ll find information regarding the official Qtum Electrum wallet and support/feature updates to hardware wallets or other interesting services/products

Qtum.info Explorer

  • Review and improve UI code of explorer;
  • Under testing for release.

Electrum Wallet

  • No update for this week

iOS Wallet

  • No update for this week

Android Wallet

  • The new Android wallet: Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.qtum.newwallet <- Please copy link Official Website: https://qtumeco.io/wallet

Web Wallet

  • No update for this week

Qtum SDK

  • Continue Port BitcoinJ to Qtum

Qtum Testing


  • No update for this week