Development Updates (February 25 - March 3)

2019-03-04 18:00

Qtum Core

Continue working on QIP-5: QIP-5: Signature proofs within vout scripts for contract transactions;

X86 VM

Update x86 documentation on https://x86.qtum.org; Update x86VM task list: https://github.com/qtumproject/qtum/labels/x86; Comb the structure of some template and standardized Some names of files and functions;

QtumX (Unita)

Continue to arrange whitepaper and document; Continue to translate the whitepaper into English; Online Unita explorer; Update Unita homepage and complete toolkit;

Qtum Explorer

qtum.info explorer: Fix qtum.info stability problem;

Qtum Electrum

qtum-electrum: able to copy raw transaction; qtum-electrum: add a transaction overview before sending smart contract transaction;

Wechat Mini-Program

Release Qtum official Wechat mini-program;

Qtum Website

Fix some issue in Ru version; Fix some issue in EN version; Update qtum.org management page;

Qtum Testing

Update the yaml file of the Travis, Complete the adaptation of Qtum; Debug CI testing failures;