Development Updates (June 02 - 08)

2020-06-09 15:46

Qtum Core

Qtum core updates normally consist of Qtum Improvement Proposals. These QIPs are generated by both our developers and the community and in some cases requests from enterprise users. Our developers evaluate the impact of each QIP and work on high priority QIPs. All bug fixes and feature enhancements that have been issued to the core project will be listed here.

Pull Requests

Pushed Commits

  • 1e42c34 Added tests for offlinestaking protocol; only relay blocks after full block validity has been checked
  • 89a29b1 Merge pull request #840 from qtumproject/djaen/offlinestaking-testing
  • 7707f8e Add delegation tests
  • 6e28e52 replace ceiling with integer division
  • 3ed8190 Merge pull request #841 from qtumproject/xuanyan/fix-ceil

Qtum Neutron & x86 Virtual Machine

Qtum Neutron is the infrastructure to support new virtual machines and the first will be the x86 virtual machine allowing smart contract development in C, Rust and other languages. The EVM will continue, but the x86 VM will allow easy creation of smart contracts using safe, well-known, mature languages and tools, and also provide a new state memory model using DeltaDB.

  • Continued work on Neutron ABI for smart contracts
  • Fix difficult bug involving how neutron-host's "protodb" does committing of checkpoints
  • Add smart contract storage APIs to neutron-star
  • Port an allocator (with modifications to become "unlocked") to neutron-star so that dynamic allocations can work properly including vectors etc
  • Update x86 documentation on https://x86.qtum.org/

Lightning Network

  • No update for this period

Qtum SDK

QtumJ is BitcoinJ ported to the Qtum blockchain protocol. The BitcoinJ library is a Java implementation of the Bitcoin protocol, which allows it to maintain a wallet and send/receive transactions without needing a local copy of Bitcoin Core. It comes with full documentation and some example apps showing how to use it.

Qtum Explorer & Wallets

The Qtum Explorer is our blockchain explorer that is used for viewing transaction details on the Qtum blockchain. The primary blockchain explorer site is qtum.info. We frequently release updates to both explorer and the web wallet sites. Additionally, you’ll find information regarding the official Qtum Electrum wallet and support/feature updates to hardware wallets or other interesting services/products

Qtum.info Explorer

Qtum.Info, as the official blockchain browser of Qtum, mainly provides information such as network status, transaction records, data indicators of blockchain and visual charts. Qtum users, exchanges, wallets, mining pools, and other commonly used data service tools.

  • No update for this period

Electrum Wallet

  • No update for this period

Mobile Wallet

  • Working on iOS & Android versions
  • Check the Google Play Store for the "Qtum Wallet" published by the Qtum Foundation
  • Official website: https://qtumeco.io/wallet

Web Wallet

Qtum Testing

  • Continued testing for Offline Staking


  • No update for this period