February Community & Development Updates

2022-01-10 15:39
February Community & Development Updates

February brings the Chinese New Year, the year of the iron ox, and the new Qtum 2021 Biannual Roadmap. Qtum decided to switch to a Biannual Roadmap to keep planning more accurate and informational. The Qtum 2021 Roadmap https://qtum.team/RM2021A will follow with a more informative blog where each milestone is better explained.

Another major announcement from Co-Founder Jordan Earls came via Twitter. Earls said Qtum would be renaming the Qtum DeFi Grants program to Qtum DeFi and Ecosystem Grants Program. What is on Qtum’s most wanted list?

  • NFT explorer and minter
  • DeFi lending
  • More DEX and related tokens
  • 3rd party block explorer + wallets
  • Staking lister/tooling
  • Developer tooling
  • 2nd layer
  • & more!

On-chain Identity with Blockpass

Blockpass is a digital identity and identity verification platform which provides an off-chain environment and uniquely in an on-chain environment that will mitigate compliance with cryptocurrency industry’s regulations. Users verify their identities in low-cost decentralized ways that they have control over to satisfy regulatory needs. The Qtum Foundation recognizes the immutable features Blockpass offers its users who may want or need to verify their identity for regulatory purposes for just about any reason. The need for decentralized KYC is most important not only to the customers who use Blockpass but also to developers who wish to keep their project complaint. To further support Blockpass, Qtum will be holding an upcoming AMA with Blockpass soon where the Qtum community will have the opportunity to share their thoughts and questions about the subject of KYC and Blockpass. Make sure you stay tuned for details that will be coming soon.

Here are some articles announcing the partnership:

Qtum and Blockpass Partner to Deliver On-Chain KYC https://blog.qtum.org/qtum-and-blockpass-partner-to-deliver-on-chain-kyc-75855cd2292e

Blockonomi: Qtum — Blockpass Team Up for Easy KYC Compliance Qtum & Blockpass Team Up for Easy KYC Compliance https://blockonomi.com/qtum-blockpass-team-up-for-easy-kyc-compliance/

AtomicDEX Adds Support for 12 QRC20 Tokens

Some other highlights of the month include Komodo AtomicDex announcing support for more QRC20 support as they add 12 QRC20 tokens to the AtomicDex. Komodo’s AtomicDex continued commitment to decentralization and Qtum support is truly a step in expanding Qtum’s DeFi ecosystem. Speaking of QRC20 support, one of the coins listed on the AtomicDex was Qi. QiSwap has become the first Qtum DeFi project to be supported on AtomicDEX.

This month, QiSwap joined Qtum for a community AMA where the Qtum community asked DeFi and the project questions. As the swap continues, we will stay tuned to hear more updates from all these significant advancements in the Qtum DeFi ecosystem.

Wrapped Qtum

The Qtum project has worked with Blockchain exchange Gate.io ($500 Million daily volume) to lock $20 million worth of Qtum tokens starting with 3 million QTUM on a SegWit address. The WQTUM could be used on the Ethereum network to be available for anyone to use with DeFi and protocols where WQTUM may be needed. WQTUM proves to be yet another step in building the Qtum DeFi ecosystem and bringing liquidity to layer two solutions. Read more about it here: https://blog.qtum.org/20-million-qtum-tokens-locked-to-stimulate-defi-initiatives-662dae1a3207

ChangeHero Interview

Don’t let this interview slip by without giving it a read. ChangeHero comes back for an interview with Co-Founder Jordan Earls on the origins and prospects of Qtum. This interview provides a deep dive into Jordan Earls’s involvement with the Qtum Foundation from the very beginning. Anyone who reads will have first-hand insightful thoughts from Jordan’s perspective of his views regarding the direction of development the Qtum Foundation is pushing for in the future.

Read ChangeHero’s interview with Qtum Co-Founder Jordan Earls: https://changehero.io/blog/interview-with-jordan-earls-co-founder-and-lead-developer-qtum/

On another note, Jordan is also starting to host live chats on the Qtum Discord server. In this live chat, Jordan briefly went over some updates on Qtum and talked about Neutron. If you missed the live chat, it is ok. Jordan recorded all the good stuff right here: https://youtu.be/NZr2U1_qY6c

Stay tuned to our Discord server for more live chats with Jordan in the future: https://discord.com/invite/7JNrWd5

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