March Community & Development Updates

2021-04-08 15:42
March Community & Development Updates

Qtum Core FastLane v0.20.2

Qtum gears up for life in the fast lane. April 30th there is no looking back, Qtum will be running at a super-fast 32-second block average. The Qtum Foundation released Qtum Core v0.20.2 on March 18, 2021, for this mandatory update. Qtum FastLane testnet hard forked on March 26. Reports from the Qtum development team were of block spacing averaging around 32 seconds and everything has been running smoothly from the hard fork. Jackson Belove has released a series of blogs covering the whole event. Into the FastLane Reduced Block Time, Part 3 and Part 4 are the last two covering this month of hard fork updates. The blogs give detailed information concerning the hard fork. They also mention that there will not be a new coin created as this hard fork is for technological upgrades only.

For more information on the hard fork read all the details here:

Into the FastLane Reduced Block Time Part 3 https://blog.qtum.org/into-the-fast-lane-reduced-block-time-part-3-b6bfb339baff

Into the FastLane Reduced Block Time Part 4 https://blog.qtum.org/into-the-fastlane-reduced-block-time-part-4-44fba1e511f3

Where to download:



Qtum 0.20.2 Changelog

v0.20.2 – Hard Fork - Mandatory Update before block 845000 (806600 in testnet) – 32 seconds - blocks - Improvements and Bug fixes

  • Implement QIP 26: Reduce block time to 32 seconds.
  • Update the EVM to include Istanbul and Muir Glacier updates: EIP 152, EIP 1108, EIP 1344, EIP 1884, EIP 2028, EIP 2200, EIP 2384.
  • New highly efficient Staker with multithread support.
  • Speed up GUI wallet startup time.
  • Improve GUI responsiveness when dealing with large wallets.
  • Add listconf RPC call to list active configuration options for qtumd/qtum-qt.
  • Add forceinitialblocksdownloadmode RPC call to force start a node in initial blocks download mode.
  • Bug fixes, including a bug that caused the wallet not to revert coinstake in some cases.

Linux Repositories are also updated for Ubuntu, Archlinux, Debian, Raspbian, and CentOS: https://docs.qtum.site/en/qtumrepo/

Stake-A-Thon Returns

Qtum Stake-A-Thon is back and better than ever! The Stake-A-Thon returns April 1st - July 1st, 2021. That is three months full of prizes for offline staking - address delegators and super stakers! If you haven’t registered yet, here is your chance to win and support Qtum at the same time!

Read the blog and some helpful FAQ’s right here: https://blog.qtum.org/stake-a-thon-returns-c3b57780b78

The Official Stake-A-Thon website can be found here: https://stake-a-thon.qtum.org

Choice Tweets

Qtum is expanding as Jordan Earls Tweeted. Three new team members now, with more to come. More team members in marketing and development will allow Qtum to expand in areas needed. New experts, new ideas, and new changes all around will have a positive effect on the whole Qtum ecosystem.

Keep informed and follow Jordan on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/earlzdotnet?s=20

More news from Twitter, Patrick Dai has been giving a lot of outstanding points that we will review.

  1. Qtum is the platform you can trust. Decentralized and Stable and Secure. While Ethereum tries to switch to PoS, Qtum implemented a Decentralized PoS consensus 4 years ago and is compatible with EVM. This statement only mentions the facts. Ethereum is trying to accomplish something Qtum has been doing from the start along with the security that Qtum adopted from Bitcoin’s UTXO model. Even in 2021 this technology is superior and is continually advanced by the Qtum development team.

  2. Qtum can support NFT easily too. 100% compatible with ERC721. Qtum has the potential to build the biggest market for NFT and Non-Standard Assets (LP tokens, NFT, mining power token, bonds, shares). Consider NFTs running on the Qtum blockchain to be green. Since Qtum runs Proof-of-Stake consensus, minting an NFT on the Qtum Blockchain could not be more energy efficient. No worry about the environment or high transaction fees.

  3. Since Filecoin cannot support smart contracts, we are also exploring the possibility of enabling smart contracts for Filecoin through the Qtum network. One of Qtum portfolio companies 6Block.com controls about 10% Filecoin mining power.

Patrick Dai said Qtum may be bringing smart contract solutions to Filecoin. Qtum is exploring opportunities to show how other blockchains can benefit by enabling smart contract capabilities into their networks.

Stay up to date with all Patrick’s Tweets right here: https://twitter.com/PatrickXDai

Qtum Electrum v4.0.13

Qtum Electrum v4.0.13 is out with amazing new features. You can now restore addresses from hardware wallets and make address delegations for offline staking. This makes it possible to hold your Qtum in a hardware wallet and still be able to stake!

First, update Qtum Electrum to v4.0.13: https://github.com/qtumproject/qtum-electrum/releases or https://qtumeco.io/wallet

After Qtum Electrum is updated, watch the video and follow along with the written instructions.

Written tutorial: https://blog.qtum.org/using-qtum-electrum-with-hardware-wallets-15b91ed693a

Video tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5j-wug4P6o&t=4s

Value Network

"Value Network, a binary options platform, and exchange is migrating from the Ethereum mainnet to the Qtum smart contract and DApp platform."

Congratulations to Value Network for submitting a Qtum DeFi grant application. Qtum has accepted the Value Networks grant proposal. The grant will provide funding as well as technical support to ensure a successful migration from Ethereum Network to Qtum.

Read more about the proposal here: https://valuenetworklive.medium.com/

FTX Perpetual Futures

Perpetual QTUM futures are now available to trade on FTX: https://ftx.com/trade/QTUM-PERP

Blockpass AMA

Last month Qtum announced a partnership with Blockpass, celebrating with an AMA in our Telegram channel on March 30. Blockpass CEO Adam Varizi and COO Hans Lombardo joined to answer much-anticipated questions from the community. Many members of our community joined to show their support, learn about Blockpass, and win some cool awards.

If you haven’t joined our Telegram the link is: https://t.me/qtumofficial

SimpleSwap Easter Egg Hunt

Easter is coming and SimpleSwap announced their upcoming Easter Hunting Game. This Sunday, April 4th go to SimpleSwap and hunt for Easter Eggs. You might get lucky and find some QTUM.

Learn about the game here: https://simpleswap.io/blog/simpleswap-easter-hunting-game?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=post&utm_content=easter_game_announcement

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