May Community & Development Updates

2021-06-16 17:14
May Community & Development Updates

Qtum Launches Venture Capital Group With $10M Pledged

Qtum Chain Foundation has launched a Sweden-based venture capital (VC) group to support emerging blockchain projects. Qtum has already pledged $10M. Group Director Antonio Saaranen said about the group:

“Our initial pledge for the fund will be $10M, and we’re open to partnering up with similar entities in the crypto space. We will have a blockchain agnostic approach in this fund and are willing to work with any project that wishes to contribute to the blockchain ecosystem as a whole.”

Qtum VC group will primarily explore opportunities in the fields of green-blockchain, Layer 0, and Layer 2 platforms. Qtum has also pledged to match any donations made towards providing COVID-19 vaccines to the less fortunate through Vaccine Forward.


Qtum Core v0.20.3 Launch

Following a historic April where Qtum implemented the long-awaited FastLane hard fork, with the upgrade going strong, Qtum launched the Qtum Core version 0.20.3 with a dozen new QRC20 calls and other improvements.


Stake-A-Thon Updates

Qtum Stake-A-Thon continued this month as well. This April’s rewards were paid out to 100 address delegations and 7 super-staker winners. Congratulations to the winners once again! Keep track of all the new super stakers here:


Patrick Sounds Off On Green Crypto

With Tesla stopping Bitcoin payments, there has been a spotlight this month on the Carbon footprint of Bitcoin mining. Qtum founder, Patrick Dai took to Twitter to talk about Qtum’s environmental-friendly blockchain design.

“As a super decentralized POS blockchain, I think Qtum use < 1/1000000 of Bitcoin’s Energy….No matter if you want a Green BTC or Green ETH, you can look into Qtum. Qtum's main design principle is compatible with BTC and Ethereum. It’s the first blockchain to bring EVM to all UTXO blockchain (BTC LTC Doge..) and with POS consensus.”

He also pointed out that Qtum consumes lesser Hashes per second when compared with Bitcoin and Ethereum:

“Qtum is low power Proof of Stake blockchain, compared to Proof of Work. Hashes per second:

Ethereum 600,000,000,000,000 H/s

Bitcoin 179,000,000,000,000 H/s

Qtum 10,000 H/s

Qtum NFTs without climate change guilt!”

Antonio’s Exclusive AMA

Qtum’s Director of Business Development and Investments, Antonio Saaranen, had an exclusive AMA on Theta TV with Theta Network, talking about the newly launched Qtum Ventures and the expansion in Sweden.


Qtum and Taproot

Taproot is one of the more critical Bitcoin upgrades. Patrick announced on Twitter that Qtum would be supporting Bitcoin Taproot.

Qtum will support Bitcoin Taproot. “Taproot activation would bring incredible utility and robustness to Bitcoin in the form of Schnorr signatures that are more efficient than ECDSA signatures.”

Tweet Highlights

Qtum holders can delegate their tokens to MyCointainer and extra bonuses and rewards.


Qtum also took time to celebrate Bitcoin Pizza day!


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