September Updates

2020-10-01 10:33

The month of September continued with Qtum’s Stake-A-Thon and the Qtum DeFi Grant Program! If you haven’t heard about the DeFi grant program, Qtum has put up to 5 million dollars for the development of DeFi projects on the Qtum blockchain, and we’ve received a nice array of applications already. So, why is Qtum a great choice for DeFi? Qtum users can enjoy the benefits of high TPS and low transaction fees. Qtum blockchain also offers more scalability by having the capability of changing parameters of the blockchain without the need for a hard fork. If you have an awesome development team, or you’re a one-person show that wants to build something transformative, check out the link below and bring your best DeFi solution to Qtum.

Read all about it here: https://blog.qtum.org/qtum-foundation-announces-grant-program-for-defi-developers-d34bcb5e7198

The Qtum Stake-A-Thon Continues!

Qtum Offline Staking mainnet Stake-A-Thon officially launched on August 30th, 2020 was created to promote the Qtum Offine Staking Protocol. The great thing about the Offline Staking Protocol is a user has complete control of their funds at all times while still having the capability of earning block rewards.

Users no longer will need to run a full node to stake their Qtum making Qtum one of the top cryptocurrency staking and solution platforms this year. The Stake-A-Thon has 3 different ways one can enter to win. The three options are address delegation, super staker, and pool delegation. If you would like your chance to win, you can read all of the details below!


Offline Staking (Staking-As-A-Service) Providers Launched


Staked.us announced support for Qtum Offline Staking in early September and has minted quite a few blocks already.



Everstake is currently leading the Stake Race with over 1,000,000 Qtum delegated to their Super Staker, congrats Everstake!




Crypto.com Lists Qtum! You can now Deposit and Withdraw Qtum from your crypto.com exchange. Qtum’s co-founder, Patrick Dai, took part in an AMA hosted by Crypto.com, and he revealed some big news: a new network upgrade to increase the speed of block times to cater Qtum to the DeFi market.


DeFi Solutions

Komodo’s AtomicDEX (Now AtomicDeFi) lists QRC20's

Komodo comes through! QRC20 projects can now use AtomicDex engine for wallet functionalities, DEX, and dApp solutions. “It’s the first #DeFi collaboration of its kind with atomic swap technology and gives projects a crosschain and crossprotocol bridge.”


Bitpie QRC20 Support

BitPie, one of Chinese largest multicurrency wallets with investment in by China’s Merchant Bank, has added support for all Qtum QRC20 tokens. Bitpie’s support is warmly welcomed and couldn’t have come at a better time for our Chinese community. We expect a nice uptick in the number of QRC20’s generated with new DeFi projects on horizon.


From The Qtum Blog

Stake-A-Thon Update #1

Within the first two weeks of launching Offline Staking, 5% of overall block rewards were already being claimed by Super Stakers. Not only that, 48 Super Stakers had registered for the Stake-A-Thon, that’s a lot of validators, more than some blockchain networks and a real achievement from the community.


Stake-A-Thon Update #2

From September 10 through September 23, 678 block rewards were won by Super Stakers and delegators bringing the total of block rewards won by Offline Staking participants up to 7.2%. In this post, our Jackson goes over the public Super Stakers and what capacity they have to accept new delegates.


You missed the Hard Fork, Now What?

Are you running a full node or staking on the old network? Save the facepalm, because Jackson has you covered. In this series of posts, Jackson goes over how to backup your wallet, update Qtum core, and sync up the blockchain so you can be running smoothly on the new chain.


Hard Fork Special: Mac

Qtum had its hard fork at block 680,000 on August 28, 2020. If your Mac wallet missed the hard fork this blog shows how…


Hard Fork Special: Linux and Raspberry Pi

Qtum had its hard fork at block 680,000 on August 28. If your Linux/RPi wallet missed the hard fork this blog shows how…


In the News

Staking Rewards: Top Crypto Platforms for Passive Income in 2020

Thank you Bitcoinist for taking notice of how innovative Offline Staking is, we appreciate it. In this article, besides the accolades, you can get a fresh viewpoint about how Qtum’s staking protocol stands out and just who is supporting it, such as Binance, Huobi, and staking-as-a-service providers.


Qtum Offline Staking: Gains of Liquidity Mining Without the Association Risks

If you want a full-length read about Offline Staking, this comprehensive piece gives you much of the needed details about why this technology is so awesome and its advantages over other staking implementations. QTUM Offline Staking: Gains of Liquidity Mining Without the Associated Risks


Top Cryptocurrency Staking Platforms and Solutions Currently Available

Need a stakingcomparison? Cryptodaily will give you one, and it drops Mr Kristof’s video mentioning Qtum Offline Staking (included below). Top Cryptocurrency Staking Platforms and Solutions Currently Available



Challenging Ethereum 2.0? Competing Blockchains are Seizing the Moment

We all know Ethereum 2.0 is ‘coming soon.’ So, how does Qtum stack up? In some aspects, Qtum is already there, but take some time to read for yourself.


Ethereum Scalability Issues Exposed as High Gas Fees Stall DeFi Boom

A lot of us have felt the pain of high gas prices, both at the pump and in our metamask browsers. In this article, our relative gas expert and Qtum co-founder, Jordan Earls, shares his thoughts on the issue. Ethereum scalability issues exposed as high gas fees stall DeFi boom


Technical Updates

Qtum Core — “add amount option in callcontract RPC” “callcontract” is a local blockchain query, so normally you wouldn’t be able to send any amount of QTUM locally (that would take a sendtocontract call on the blockchain). So, this was important to calculate gas operations.


Qtum JS Wallet

Work on the client-side wallet library continues! This wallet library will play an important role in the DeFi ecosystem; so, it got a little extra attention in September including a few upgrades.



The Qtum adapter to Ethereum JSON RPC’s is in progress. This is another key piece of DeFi infrastructure and helps unlock a few ‘money legos’ to make the Qtum user experience just as seamless as Ethereum’s.


Qtum Electrum — Lightweight Qtum Client

Qtum’s Electrum wallet works well with Offline Staking and it received some improvements to interact with the Qtum lightning network; although, Qtum lightning isn’t production ready. We are working to ensure capability with Ledger and extend the functionality to work with Offline Staking, but we have to wait for some updates on Ledger’s side first. We know a lot of you have requested this feature, and we are working on it.


Qtum.info UI

We made some small improvements to the Qtum.info UI to make it function well for Offline Staking inquiries. Make sure to check it out.