Weekly Report (December 17-23)

2018-12-24 05:55

This week we will be reviewing the development of Qtum in detail in the past week (December 17-23). Inclusive of the project's dynamics, review of recent news, and our technical development progress.

Qtum Cross-chain Atomic Swap

Cross-chain is one of the most difficult problems that the blockchain industry is facing, largely restricting the development of blockchain implementation and interoperability. Among all the solutions, HTLC (Hash time-locked Contract) could insure the atomicity and security of the cross-chain processes. Recently, the Qtum team has proposed a HTLC implementation scheme of Qtum, and a cross-chain atomic swap between QTUM and BTC just took place.

With no third parties, atomicity and other advantages are in line with the principle of bitcoin decentralization, so the market is optimistic of their prospects. Many mainstream virtual currencies have completed the open source realization of cross-chain atomic swap. As the decentralized technologies and markets are becoming more and more mature, there should be more scenarios for cross-chain atomic swap. For instance, large cross-chain transactions can be completed directly on-chain, without relying on centralized exchanges which charges

Qtum Bounty Program

To ceaselessly improve various Qtum products and developing tools with the developers from all over the world, Qtum foundation launches its Bounty program. Aims to create better UI of Qtum, and make it a more efficient and steady blockchain platform.

The following missions need achieving!

Blockchain Explorer Optimizing for 100+ Qtum The Blockchain Explorer of Qtum’s official website has been launched over a year. We want you to help optimizing the blockchain explorer to create a better UI for the users.

Light Wallet Optimizing for 100+ Qtum The Qtum light wallet is not required to synchronize all blockchain data to be full node, which makes it speedy. We want you to help optimizing the Light Wallet, to allow others digital assets.

Web Wallet Optimizing for 100+ Qtum The Qtum Web Wallet has achieved many important functions such as Token transfer and smart contract calling. We want you to improve its usability and enrich more functions.

Multi-Language Translation for 50+ Qtum Qtum nodes are disrupted over 66 countries and regions, and we have a large globalized community. We want you to help translate various of documents into different languages including but not limited to: Official website, instructions documents, documentations and technical posts.

Document Composing for 50+ Qtum For increasing the readability of Qtum’s official documents, and keeping the continuous update, we want you to help optimizing our official documents including but not limited to: Qtum products introduction, technical documentations and instruction documents.

Online Course Production for 50+ Qtum Online Course of Qtum could simply help Qtum users to get started quickly. We want you to help producing various Online Courses including but not limited to: Qtum introduction, Technical interpretation of Qtum, Practical interpretation of Qtum DApps development and how to use Qtum open source tools.

Qtum Awards $400K Grant to Columbia University Research Team for Smart Contracts R&D Open source blockchain project Qtum has awarded a $400,000 grant to academics at Columbia University to fund the development of a new programming language for Ethereum (ETH)-style smart contracts. The news was announced in an email shared with Cointelegraph Dec. 19.

More on: https://cointelegraph.com/news/qtum-awards-400k-grant-to-columbia-university-research-team-for-smart-contracts-rd

Development Updates

Qtum Core

  • Working on resource monitoring tool;
  • Continue testing Qtumcore v0.17;
  • working on QIP-7 -- upgrade to Constantinople EVM (https://github.com/qtumproject/qips/issues/8)

Qtum x86 Virtual Machine

  • Refactor how keys are generated for DeltaDB;
  • Add blockhash to ContractExecutionResult;
  • Design and implemented EventDB;
  • Add very minimal "searchevents" RPC call for EventDB;
  • Update x86VM stories : https://github.com/qtumproject/x86-stories/issues
  • Update x86VM task list : https://github.com/qtumproject/qtum/labels/x86

Enterprise version -- QtumX

  • Cleanup and release atomic swap code;
  • Developing QtumX bench testing script;
  • Merge Qtumcore 0.16.2 to QtumX;
  • Release Qtum+IPFS documentation;
  • Working on on-chain storage (OP_RETRUN) documentation;

Qtum Website

  • New Qtum official website online and bug fixes qtum.org;
  • Update the algorithm for the Nodemap;
  • Working on Qtum forum;

Qtum Wallets & Explorers

  • qtum.info explorer;
    • bug fixes for qtum.info;
  • Qtum wechat mini-program:
    • Adjust UI;
    • Optimize administration functions;

Qtum testing

  • Summary of current qtum tests;
  • Research on RPC performance test tools for Qtum;

Research and Cooperation

  • Release Qtum bounty program, including the optimization for Qtum wallets, explorers and documentions, etc.