Weekly Report (December 24-30)

2018-12-31 06:32

Community Updates

We wish all the Qtum users and fans a pleasant new year. This week we will be reviewing the development of Qtum over the past week (December 24-January 02). Inclusive of the project's dynamics, a review of recent news, and our technical development progress.

Massive Upgrade to Qtum Official Website!

Our brand new official website has launched, which adopted a new design concept and is easier to interact with. We added new pages including ‘Developers,’ ‘Latest news’ and ‘Resource,’ to fully display Qtum project in a way that's easy for users to understand.

The ‘Developer’ page contains detailed development documents and tools, so it's easy to start building. Developers can also apply for bounty plans on six modules and related long-term projects, including bug hunting and DApp development.

A College Blockchain Club was established by Qtum & School of Information and Communication Engineering, BUPT.

Recently, Qtum foundation and the School of Information and Communication Engineering at BUPT established a college blockchain club. As a core community for BUPT alumni, professors, and students, the club aims to deepen the education of blockchain technology and promote the integration between blockchain R&D and real business use cases.

Professor Su Fei, Vice President of the School of Information and Communication Engineering, attended the opening ceremony of blockchain club and pointed out that blockchain has its potential to empower many emerging industries. The establishment of the blockchain club will enable more students to have access to emerging technologies and create more social value.

Development Updates

Qtum Core

  • Continue testing Qtumcore v0.17;
  • Continue working on QIP-7 -- upgrade to Constantinople EVM (https://github.com/qtumproject/qips/issues/8)

Qtum x86 Virtual Machine

  • Update x86 related QIP-12 https://github.com/qtumproject/qips/issues/12;
  • Update x86VM task list : https://github.com/qtumproject/qtum/labels/x86

Enterprise version -- QtumX

  • Modifying QtumX bench testing script;
  • Tested QtumX and analyze performance bottlenecks;
  • Debugging status monitor tools;
  • Ready to release QTUM-BTC atomic swap document;

Qtum Website

  • Working on Qtum forum;

Qtum testing

  • Research on RPC performance test tools for Qtum;

Research and Cooperations

  • Release Qtum bounty program, including the optimization for Qtum wallets, explorers and documentions, etc.