Weekly Report (January 21-27)

2019-01-28 14:38

Qtum Core

  • qtum core master:
    • By default, do not allow peers to affect the local timestamp;
    • Give a warning if no peer has a time within 16 seconds of ours;
    • Fix EVM globals for callcontract;
    • Added test case for callcontract evm timestamps;
  • Working on Qtum Core 0.17, including:
    • Added python test fixes for 0.17.1;
    • Fix restore wallet;
    • Exclude contract transactions from relay fee estimation;

Qtum x86 Virtual Machine

Enterprise version -- QtumX (Unita)

  • Finish Unita faucet;
  • Finish one-click blockchain for Unita;
  • Updated Unita QT wallet;
  • Finish Unita blockchain explorer;
  • Re-arrange Unita document;

Qtum Website

  • Update qtum.org management page;
  • Working on Qtum forum;
  • Release Qtum official Wechat mini-program;

Qtum Explorer & Wallets

  • qtum.info block explorer:
    • Rewrite qtum.info API implementation;
  • Qtum Electrum wallet:
    • Merge changes from Electrum wallet;