The Qtum Foundation: Governance Structure

The development and maintenance of the Qtum Blockchain, as well as all services provided by Qtum, are directed and supervised by the Qtum Foundation - a non-profit organization, representing Qtum’s stake and token holders as elaborated below.

In order to avoid the inefficient conduct, open source and blockchain projects often suffer from, and to ensure a coherent and standardized implementation of the Qtum blockchain, the Qtum Foundation was established under the guidance and support of PwC. The Foundation will oversee the development of the Qtum Blockchain, advocate governance transparency, and promote the safety and harmony of the open source ecosystem.    

The design of the Foundation’s governance structure mainly considers sustainability, management effectiveness, and fund-raising security in the open source community. The Foundation consists of various committees, such as Executive Judgment, Code Review, Finance & HR, as well as Marketing & PR. The different committees work in cooperation to manage Qtum’s daily operations and special occasions with detailed operational procedures and rules.  

Judgement Committee

The Judgement Committee is responsible for appointing or dismissing the executive director and leaders of each functional committee, making important decisions, holding emergency meetings, etc. The term as judgement committee chairman and other members is two years; the chairman shall not be eligible for re-election.

After the first term, the community will elect 50 representatives, with voting rights being designated according to Qtum token holdings and weighting, 9 of which will then be elected as core members of the Judgement Committee. To view the members of the current Judgement Committee, please scroll down.

Executive Director

Appointed by the Judgment Committee, the Executive Director is responsible for daily operations, coordination with subordinate committees, presiding the Judgement Committee meetings, and other matters. The executive director reports to the Judgement Committee on a regular basis.

Code Review Committee

The Code Review Committee is made up of core developers in the Qtum development team who are responsible for the underlying technology development, API development, product development, etc. The committee holds weekly meetings to track project status and communicate progression and requests. Committee members follow the updates and hot topics from the community, maintain communication with the token holders inside the community and organize technical workshops occasionally.

Finance and Human Resource Committee

The Finance and Human Resource Committee is responsible for the project’s financial monitoring, developer compensation, operation expenses monitoring, recruitment, talent management, performance review and staff on-boarding and off-boarding. The current daily accounting function is temporally outsourced to a third party.

Marketing and Public Relations Committee

The Marketing and Public Relations Committee serves the community and promotes Qtum technology, products, and open source projects. In addition, the committee is responsible for public announcements and responds to public affairs.

Application Committee

With the underlying infrastructure being fully developed, the Qtum Application Committee will select suitable industries to implement the Qtum blockchain in the real business cases.

Members of the Current Judgement Committee



Patrick Dai

Patrick is the founder of the Foundation. He graduated from the Draper University, and Chinese Academy of Sciences. Previously employed by Alibaba, and committed to the blockchain technology development and research for a Doctorate Degree, with abundant blockchain industry development experience.

Neil Mahi

Neil has 20 years’ experience developing software and has four years’ experience in the blockchain space. Neil has a Master’s degree in Business Administration from ISCAE, but later specialized in computer science. Neil was also a professional poker player and speaks four languages.

Jordan Earls

Jordan is a trusted and well-known member of the cryptocurrency community and has been developing software since he was thirteen. Jordan has reviewed over 100 altcoins and identified multiple exploits in coins.

Bo Shen

Mr. Shen is the founding partner of FenBuShi Capital which is the first venture capital firm that exclusively invests in Blockchain-enabled companies.

Ming Sun

Mr. Sun provides professional legal consultancy services in mergers and acquisitions, banking and trust, digital currency and distributed ledger technology.

David Lee

David is a co-founder of LeftCoast at Silicon Valley, he is specializing in distributed ledgers technology, big data, and machine learning.

James Gong

James is a famous writer in the blockchain community, and is committed to promote the development of blockchain and distributed ledger technology.

Jason Fang

Jason is an associate at FenBuShi Capital, he was previously working as the director of marketing and operations at Wanxiang blockchain labs.

DJ Qian

DJ is the co-founder of BitSE, which is an innovative company focusing on blockchain application development.