November Community & Development Updates

2022-01-10 15:40


The Halving Is Here!

On December 1, 2021, Qtum completed its first-ever halving at Block 1,427,004. When Qtum first started, 4 QTUM per block were given as a reward to miners. This reward was reduced to 1 QTUM due to the FastLane hard fork. Now, following the December halving, the block reward will further halve to 0.5 QTUM per block.


Qtum Rebranding

Qtum is rebranding as it moves forward with a new marketing team and roadmap. The team believes that this new logo better captures the value proposition of Qtum.


Qtum At Miami Crypto Experience

The Miami Crypto Experience was a blockchain conference that took place between November 10 and 12. Qtum was very active in the event. Firstly, check out the sweet new merch with the new Qtum logo.


It was great for the team to meet community members. Plus, our COO Mike participated in the DeFi panel discussion.


Qtum And NFTs

Qtum’s involvement with NFTs continued in November as well. Firstly, the week 4 Qtum Crypto Canvas results were released, and the prizes were sent to 20 lucky draw winners.

Medium blog

Along with this, the Qtum team sponsored an NFT racing tournament with Kart Racing League with $7,500 in prizes.

A Shoutout To QiSwap

The QiSwap project has moved beyond beta and into production. They were instrumental in developing the Janus wrapper on Qtum.


The Qi token has also been listed on the BKEX exchange.


Qtum Dev Updates

Qtum-developed Ledger App

Qtum released the Qtum Core v0.20.4, which includes an unofficial side-loaded Ledger application. Users can now control their QRC20 tokens and offline stake using the Qtum-Qt wallet. Ledger Nano S users can make smart contract transactions such as QRC20 transfers and offline staking address delegations with their hardware wallet.


Mainnet FastLane v0.20.4 - Hardware wallet staking and GUI support - Improvements and Bug fixes Latest

The following improvements have been made:

  • Add GUI support for hardware wallets.
  • Add contract calls, QRC20, delegations, and staking support for Ledger nano S. Use Qtum Ledger Nano S Loader to install the new wallet and staking apps on the Ledger Nano S.
  • Use the new logo in the GUI wallet.
  • Fix a bug in ABI string list decoding.
  • Fix a bug that prevented setting a sender address in callcontract rpc call.
  • Fix a bug that caused transaction signing to fail in some cases.
  • Fix build on recent macOS versions.
  • Update nMinimumChainWork, defaultAssumeValid and chainTxData.
  • Add recent checkpoints.

GitHub Qtum Core Releases

Qtum Articles (Internal and Third-Parties)

This article explains the difference between online and offline staking for Qtum. Do check it out!

Medium blog

The Qtum one-pager is here!


Check out this article on "Qtum decentralization" in Crowdfund Insider by Omar Faridi.


NewsBTC talked about Qtum here:


Aaron Watts from CoinCodex talked about Qtum:


Benzinga’s David Ladani talks about Qtum staking:


Twitter Highlights

Co-Founder Patrick Dai will participate in the "East Tech West" event with CNBC on December 1st.


QTUM got listed as a CFD on NAGA.


Highlights From Patrick’s Twitter:

“Qtum can be the data availability Layer for all rollups, it’s suitable for layer2 solutions like rollups, and same time you can use lightning network on Qtum. You have the advantage of all Layer2 solutions on Qtum since it’s compatible with Bitcoin and Ethereum.”

“Qtum can scale more than account model based smart contract platform because UTXO is stateless and the account abstraction layer is an innovation for the whole blockchain industry, which help run EVM on Bitcoin.”

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