October Community & Development Updates

2021-11-03 18:53


Qtum NFTs Are Here!

Qtum’s Crypto Canvas campaign ran from October 6, 2021, through November 2, 2021. The purpose was to test NFT creation on our platform. The goal of the program is simple –

  • Create NFTs on Qtum testnet.
  • Send NFTs to the registration wallet.
  • Post their NFTs on Discord.
  • Report bugs (if any).

The campaign will be distributed into two parts:

The first part of the campaign will be a lucky draw for creating and sending NFTs.

The second part of the campaign will be bug bounty reporting. When creating and sending NFTs, pay close attention and document any bugs found on the Crypto Canvas Bug Report form.

The results of the Crypto Canvas so far are as follows:

Qtum Q3 2021 Expenditures

During Q3 of 2021 (July, August, and September) the Qtum Foundation spent 20.8 BTC, at an average of 6.9 BTC per month. You can check out the report for full transparency into Q3 2021:

Q3 Expenditures

Qtum Taproot Integration

Qtum Co-founder, Patrick Dai, announced on Twitter that Qtum will be integrating Bitcoin’s Taproot update.


Qtum attended the Wanxiang Blockchain conference in Shanghai to talk more about the Taproot integration.


Qtum Dev Updates

Following updates have been made to Janus:

  • Detect chain type functionality added to main/regtest/testnet.
  • A health check has been added to Janus's contract.


Qtum Blog Updates

Qtum Decentralization – Find out more about the history of decentralization from the Cypherpunk movement to where we are at right now.

Qtum Decentralization

Qtum Articles Written By Third-Parties

This article by UK ADVFN points out that Qtum has produced the most successful implementation of a PoS platform:

What if Blockchain Didn't Damage the Environment?

Finance Feeds noted that Qtum “leverages an inflationary model, adding about 1 million coins into the circulating supply yearly. The project also features a halvening, with the current yield set to reduce by half around December 2021."

Evergrandes Saga is a Wake Up Call for Investors to Consider Decentralized Markets

Crypto News covered Qtum’s NFT Crypto Canvas.

How Canva Can Harness the NFT Boom and its Unique Opportunities

Nicole Willing for Capital notes that the “maximum supply of QTUM is capped at 107.8 million coins, which will be reached in December 2045. There are currently 98.6 million coins in circulation."

Qtum Price Prediction 2021 and Beyond

David Thompson for Tech Times notes:

"Some of the DeFi protocols that offer better alternatives to saving with local banks include Qtum, a smart contract platform that allows users to stake Qtum tokens."


Qtum Twitter Highlights

Book a trip to Chicago with Qtum through our amazing partner Travala!


Qtum will go through its first halving in December.


Qtum social engagement just crossed the highest point in the last three months.


Qtum will be rebranding soon. We have commissioned a design firm to guide us through the rebranding process.


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