September Community & Development Updates

2021-11-01 18:43


Qtum Crypto Bites: We Are Now 4 Years Old!


On September 13, 2021, Qtum officially became 4 years old! It has been a fantastic journey so far, and we would like to thank everyone for giving us your love and support!


Have You Tried Qtum Staking Yet?

Staking improves the security of the network as it fights against bad actors. If you want to know how to start staking, read this:


Qtum Grows Bigger And Bigger


The Qtum network has grown to 1300 nodes with the USA firmly in the lead. Wanna learn how to run a node? Check out docs:


All Things NFT

If you are interested in creating an NFT on Qtum, our Crypto Canvas community event is in progress. In the event, we will be showcasing the NFT functionality of the Qtum blockchain. However, if you are a visual learner, then we have this cool video for you wherein you can learn how to create NFTs with the Qtum Web Wallet.


Exchanges Related

1 Binance

Binance held an exciting contest for everyone interested in Qtum, with rewards up to $100,000 up for grabs.


2 Huobi

Huobi Japan listed Qtum in September. Our COO, Miguel Palencia, made a video to discuss a few things Qtum related.


3 DeCurret

Japanese crypto exchange DeCurret announced on 29th September that they would be listing QTUM.


Qtum Dev Updates

Our co-founder, Patrick Dai, gave a teaser on two exciting things that are coming soon to Qtum.

  • A bridge to connect all ETH assets, so users can move ERC20 to Qtum
  • A Layer2 ZK-Rollup solution for Qtum to Scale Qtum TPS to 10K transaction per second.

Meanwhile, check out the new QRC20 commands built into Qtum v0.20.3. You will also notice that Qtum has released dozens of wallet updates and implemented many of the Bitcoin Improvement Proposals since 2016.


Also, don’t forget to check the Qtum Electrum wallet. Electrum is the best SPV wallet for Qtum because it has:

  • QRC20 token support
  • Stake delegation support
  • Smart contract support
  • Multisignature support
  • SegWit support
  • Hardware wallet support

Check out the wallet here:


Qtum Partnerships

1 Avado

Avado and Qtum had an AMA and meme competition on Qtum Telegram on September 22. Check out the prize-winning memes:


Check out the names of the prize winners here:


There was also a quiz held during the AMA. Here is the transaction ID for the winners of the AMA quiz.


2 Travala

You can now book a dinner cruise on Travala with QTUM tokens.



Qtum is now a proud member of the International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications (INATBA). By opening up dialogues with policymakers and regulators, INATBA is harmonizing the blockchain industry as well as furthering its trusted nature.


Blog Highlights

The Token Standards Of Qtum Part 1 — QRC20 and QRC721


The Token Standards Of Qtum Part 2 — QRC1155


Qtum Design Part 1 — What is a UTXO?


Finally, here is a handy little guide on how to spot scammers on Telegram:


Third-Party Articles

Osher Deri wrote an awesome article on EIP-1559 and Qtum.


Here's an interesting article about DeFi and Qtum staking by iHodl.


Timur Shugubov wrote this superb piece:


Aman Jain from Entrepreneur wrote this article:


Maheen Hernandez did a spotlight piece on Qtum for The Currency Analytics:


Dan Saada from The Currency Analytics did an article on Qtum halving.


Ogwu Osaemezu Emmanuel from the BTC Manager wrote a guide on Qtum staking.


Speaking of staking here is another great article on Micky News.


Twitter Highlights

“The #Qtum team relies on the confidence of the community to accept our development updates. Anyone can validate transactions, they don't require permission, they only need a device and internet connection. We can't turn off or pause our #blockchain This is decentralization” https://twitter.com/qtum/status/1439445936103510023

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