Weekly Report (December 3-9)

2018-12-10 17:06

Qtum Core

  • Working on resource monitoring tool;
  • Continue testing Qtumcore v0.17;

Qtum x86 Virtual Machine

  • Change format for deltadb key prefixes;
  • Increase address size to 64 for segwit;
  • New stories added:
    • Extend searchlogs to support x86 contracts:https://github.com/qtumproject/x86-stories/issues/6
    • Store ContractExecutionResult objects into database when -flogevents is enabled:https://github.com/qtumproject/x86-stories/issues/7
  • Update x86VM task list : https://github.com/qtumproject/qtum/labels/x86

Enterprise version -- QtumX

  • Cleanup QTUM-BTC atomicswap code, ready to release;
  • Cleanup Qtum on-chain storage using OP_RETURN code, ready to release;
  • Published the Qtum+IPFS document;

Qtum Website

  • New Qtum official website;
    • Make new UI for roadmap;
    • Make new UI for team page;
    • Replace all icons;
    • Other UI changes;
  • Qtum official wehchat mini program:
    • Integrating QTUM red packet feature to mini program;

Qtum Wallets & Explorers

  • Qtum new mobile wallet:
    • combine QTUM and QRC20 transactions;
    • combine sendings, still have a little problem sending tokens;
    • fix a crash when geting QRC20 txes;
  • qtum.info explorer :
    • Improve qtum.info efficiency;

Research & cooperation

  • Tech support for several offline meetups for developers;
  • Finished first BTC-QTUM testnet atomic swap tx as following:
    • initiate 1.2 qtum: https://testnet.qtum.info/tx/e133382747f7109252e4ebd7cdc223ff3c4db75e6858f30f4f535d9c5698cbd4
    • participate 0.04 bitcoin: https://testnet.blockchain.info/tx/808e3db3bfb4aaa95f6bb122c14fc537ec85ca1b2cd51b2a0c1408dcd654dcd0
    • redeem 0.04 bitcoin: https://testnet.blockchain.info/tx/7c3dcf3f61274d9e3062bab898bc72754095fd4bff88e21ef64869e0645d8a65
    • redeem 1.2 qtum: https://testnet.qtum.info/tx/cd01c667bd92fa5e4e461c9ca81876355c4ea52712f5176ab1a73d507fe0862d