Development Updates (October 21 - 27)

2019-10-28 23:49

Qtum Core

Qtum core updates normally consist of Qtum Improvement Protocols. These QIPs are generated by both our developers and the community and in some cases requests from enterprise users. Our developers evaluate the impact of each QIP and work on high priority QIPs. All bug fixes and feature enhancements that have been issued to the core project will be listed here.

Qtum v0.18.1 Released: v0.18.1 – Mandatory Update (New features and bug fixes

  • Qtum hard fork successfully activated on mainnet - all wallets are stable
  • All the information of Qtum Hard Fork please refer: https://link.bar/qtumhardfork

Other Links Qtum Core base image updated to v0.18.1 on Google Cloud Qtum Core base image updated to v0.18.1 on AWS

Qtum Neutron

Qtum Neutron is a new smart contract platform being built on top of Qtum. It is designed with several security improvements and to enable smart contracts to take full advantage of Qtum's features. Smart contracts can be written in Rust for the Qtum Neutron platform.

Qtum x86 VM -- The new x86 VM designed specifically for Qtum Neutron smart contracts

qx86-rs Also track: https://github.com/qtumproject/neutron-qx86-hypervisor

Neutron Star -- The Rust runtime and API used by Qtum Neutron smart contracts

Neutron Star rt

Neutron Star Constants

Neutron Testbench -- A testbench for the Qtum Neutron platform which can be used for testing and smart contract simulation

Enterprise version -- Unita

The enterprise version of Qtum, featuring high TPS (Transactions Per Second) and short confirmation time for blocks. Unita also features easy end-user customization per specific business chain requirements.

Other Links

Lighting Network

  • No update for this period

Qtum Explorer & Wallets

The Qtum Explorer is our blockchain explorer that is used for viewing transaction details on the Qtum blockchain. The primary blockchain explorer site is qtum.info. We frequently release updates to both explorer and the web wallet sites. Additionally, you’ll find information regarding the official Qtum Electrum wallet and support/feature updates to hardware wallets or other interesting services/products

Qtum.info Explorer

  • Increase the scrolling logic of "network-wide state";
  • Increase bottom bar;
  • Add logic for type switching on the "Rate Changes" and "Transaction List" and "Transaction Details" pages;
  • Implement missing APIs.

PC Wallet

  • No update for this period

Electrum Wallet

Electrum v0.18.16 released (last week) https://github.com/qtumproject/qtum-electrum/releases/tag/v0.18.16

  • Complete QRC20 Token and smart contract function of qtum-electrum-new;
  • Complete qtum-electrum-new compatibility with older data formats;
  • Complete the remaining code merge and push to the main branch of qtum-electrum;
  • Optimize synchronization speed when using qtum-electrum for the first time by downloading part of the block header data from the CDN.

iOS Wallet

  • No update for this period

Android Wallet

  • Complete the description document of the app introduction;
  • Complete the user guide documentation is in progress;
  • Launch the APP in the Google Play Store

Web Wallet

  • No update for this period

Qtum Website

  • No update for this period

Qtum Testing

  • No update for this period


If you haven't updated your Qtum Core client, use the following videos as reference: