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What is Quantum?

Qtum is a Blockchain project that allows Decentralized Applications and Smart Contracts to execute as part of a UTXO transaction. Existing Ethereum applications can be ported to Quantum’s Blockchain. Core development is done by the Quantum Foundation, a Singapore registered organization. Financial backing comes from the Qtum crowdsale and Angel Backers. All funds held by the Quantum Foundtaion are audited by a well established firm. Quantum is an open source project, adhering to the GNU Public License.


Compatible with bitcoin and Ethereum ecosystems. Solidity and EVM are used for developing blockchain applications.
Modular Design
UTXO Transaction model with iPOS consensus

Blockchain Contract

Extending Smart Contracts Capabilities
Smart Contract

Smart Contract: executed by the Virtual Machine, without the off-chain input data, the trigger condition provided by the blockchain network itself.

Master Contracts

Executed by the Virtual Machine, with offchain data (Oracle and DataFeeds) we will design the Oracle and DataFeeds service considering the use cases of contracts to be closer to real business scenarios.

Data Feeds

Data feeds allow for real time applications to be run on Blockchain.


Oracles provide a general approach to get out-of-blockchain data and feed it to a smart contract. An oracle is a particular agent (entity, node or address) that is trusted by the participants in the blockchain. An oracle network can be used to implement a system for out-of-blockchain computations and (total or partial) contract code execution.

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